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Oh my...

Now this is a scary flash!!! I was waiting long to find a flash like this one...a really scary one..not like other shit out there!!! Excellent!!!

Very nice..

It kinda shows us how smart a human can be...:)

Ok i...

Well i will try to be as kind as i can but what i just saw did not entertain me at all.It was rather...pff...well ok with the violence, no problem with that but the scene with tranny was not funny and if you ask me, it was disgusting...fucking disgusting, especially when that freak had his ass opened wide and the car got into it...
The animation was bad. For istance when the tranny walked she..or better he was like lagging or something. Sorry but i have to say a huuuge NO to your creation.
And remember this is my opinion, im not trying with this review to tell people not to see your flash. I also respect ,as you said, Newgrounds tradition of tits n dicks etc but this was not what i wanted to see and i have seen many movies of this kind around here. I will not try to stop you by discouraging you to make more flash movies, i havent posted any flash movies myself and im not trying to be an smartass, so go on with flash if you like it but next time i would like to see a movie that you have really worked on it ,and that doesnt includes any trannys in it!!!

Oh my...

This is the best thing i have ever seen in newrounds!!! The animation is perfect and your drawing style awesome!!! The music is so touching...:)
Please make more Purged, what about a second episode or something.
Oh i forgot to mension that this sub has plenty of bonus features that are very helping. I think you should definately use the end from the animatic.
You also inspired me to make one of my drawings...which is very simple but hey lets stick to the fact that the movie you've made here is tottaly COOL!!!
5/5 and 10/10!!! :D I LOVE IT!!!

Oh my god...

This is so touching! I almost cried to this..:')
Could you make a second part or something like that? It would be great...:)

nahtanojmal responds:

At the beginning I was thinking about a second part called Heart of flesh. We'll see.

Very very deep..

You my friend have a talent...and that talent is that you can still animate at 3am with no sleep! :P

Now about the movie it is very well done i like you drawing style simple and it serves it's purpose just fine. The movie is clearly reflecting our modern society...
We are all just the same , and the bad thing is that if we find someone who is
different we try to make him look just like us...
Excellent work 10/10 and 5/5!


This is the best flash i have ever seen. It is like watching a real movie which was
created by a famous director and believe me this could easily be a movie!
I nearly cried when his dog died and at the end..what were those things?
Humans in costumes?
Well i'm very curious to find out what they were and to see what eventually happened to that man.Did they killed him or what? PLEASE MAKE A SECOND PART THAT SHOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM AND WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE!!! :D PLEEEEASE!!!
5/5 AND 10/10


Oh my god this is PERFECT!!! It's soooo funny. I loved the animation!!!
Sorry but you have to fix the replay butten because i smashed it!!! XD

Wow man...

Holy shit i loved everyones work....i am a fan of warhammer 40k and i tell u that this was the funniest parody i had ever seen...This is going to my favorites right now!


Weird guy staring from the window: Why?....
I was really sad at first you know when Leo was suddenly sliced like butter by the nails of satan. But i laughed my ass out at the ending!

!1 >=D

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